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This botanical almost needs its own red carpet and security team – that’s how special it is. It’s an exotic sounding name with equally fascinating outcomes – welcome Nephelium to Coast Sydney Botanicals.

Nephelium Lappaceum is a patented botanical nutrient garnered from the Rambutan fruit seed peel. We pack our serum full of this glorious botanical, which has proven to be highly effective as an anti-wrinkle agent. What’s more; the moisturising properties are delicious – leaving your skin nourished and full of anti-oxidants and anti-glycation nutrients.

So, what sets this little beauty apart from others? All-natural goodness with an amazing backstory.

The science behind the Nephelium serum

Nephelium is harvested from the rambutan fruit via a careful technical water extraction method resulting in high performance extracts. The extract is then clinically tested against fine lines and wrinkles – the results yield visible smoothing and tightening of the skin after just 28 days of use (at 2% concentration).

Tradition meets the future

The rambutan fruit is well known for its medicinal goodness and has been used for centuries for its antiseptic and antioxidant properties. However, like many examples in the modern world, we’ve only recently discovered its remarkable hidden properties and the effect they have on skin.

We ingeniously combine Nephelium with several other active botanical nutrients. These synergies elevate Nephelium's natural power to give you real results.

East Meets West: Coast Sydney Botanicals have captured the abundant benefits of this traditional eastern fruit in our Sydney studio so we can offer natural and effective nutrients to your beauty routine.

We have developed four serums to target varied and specific needs, choose the one that suits you!