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Our Promise

Our Promise is No BS:

Natural Nutrients for good skin. Our formulations are packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytosterols from plant oils and extracts. Our formulation has "active ingredients" at optimal levels that target against specific skin issues.

At Coast Sydney Botanicals, our bright colours and scents are all natural using essential oils and botanical extracts. 

Openness. We value openness in disclosure, clearly stating ingredients (and even the exact percentage of Natural and Organic ingredients*).

We debunk myths in an open and honest way (ladies, there is no Fountain of Youth !). We embrace ageing gracefully, but always strive to help you look your best. Our skincare range uses a balanced approach, of course it will not eliminate the dark aging spots completely, but it will slow down the aging process significantly when used daily. Brightening skincare will lighten the dark spots.

Cutting the BS in this industry, we are sharing facts and opinions openly. For one, if you are currently paying over $200 for a 30ml bottle of skincare cream - you are overpaying - as their marketing budget usually dwarves the cost of their ingredients! With the information we provide, revisit your labels and make the assessment yourselves! We are happy to respond to any further queries, we are here to assist in any way, shape or form to get more clarity in this very confusing industry.

Better, Fresher. Ever heard of cold pressed juice? Well, the same goes for quality skincare oils. We use pure quality oils extracted via SCO (Supercritical Carbon Dioxide) and SWEX (Supercritical Water Extraction), both methods using a lower temperature than other methods (it's actually even better than the cold pressed method with less oxidation in the process). This yields purer and more effective formulations.

We strive to create skincare that is fresher than mainstream skincare produced by large corporations (yes, the ones buying double pages ads in your favourite magazine). Fresher because our products are made in smaller batches and on demand. We only use natural preservatives, without any synthetic enhancers, and our products have a shorter shelf life (12 months for oils and 9 months for emulsions) And we are fine with that, because avoiding nasties is our priority. Other mainstream products have shelf lives of over 2 years (yes longer shelf life makes more profits, but at the expense of your skin).  Our TOP priority is YOUR SKIN.

S*** free - just means no nasties, no s*** and no toxins in any of our bottles. For us it wouldn't make sense to use ingredients that are "only safe in small quantities". We believe that as we use skincare daily, the accumulation of such toxins could tip the scale one day, so why take the risk when there are newer, safer options out there?? No, saving a few pennies by using a cheaper ingredient is not our thing. When in doubt, we DON'T formulate with these ingredients such as Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol preservatives, Parabens ( Mineral Oils which are still being used by "natural" brands), Phthalates, PEG , DEA . With Coast Sydney Botanicals, there is none of this BS !!


*will be finalised by august 2018