How to layer skincare products- 3 simple steps

How to layer skincare products- 3 simple steps

Let’s cut to the chase of layering skincare products. You layer from the thinnest consistency to the thickest consistency.  So in the following order:

  1. Toner
  2. Serum
  3. Moisturiser
  4. Facial Oils
  5. Mineral Sunscreen/BB Cream with SPF


What is skin care layering? With the proliferation of different skincare products, you can get a little confused with new products like facial oils. Skin care layering entails applying the different types of products, from the thinnest consistency to the thickest.

  1. Layer from Liquid to Cream to Oils

The thinnest consistency products are normally your water-based products like toners and serums/essence.  The Traditional serums contain higher water based ingredients like hydrosols and water (aqua) infused with actives that will target skincare concerns like antiaging, acne, red sensitive skin etc. In short, serums are packed with actives ingredients. As the term “serum” is used for some facial oils to reflect the high “actives” content in oils, it is best to apply following the order above.

So, after cleansing, spritz some toner on your face, followed by a serum (water based) and then a moisturiser cream (emulsion of water and oil). If you need extra moisture, then layer with a facial oil (pure oil).

Facial oils are one of my favourites must use skincare product as it is normally purer in content as it is 100% botanical oils (Yes please check the labels and stay away from Mineral oils and silicones). Facial oils are occlusive, so it will keep the moisture in. The moisture is already provided for in the toner and moisturisers. The whole layering routine should not take more than 2 minutes, really. You do not need to wait for the layers to dry.  In particular, with a facial oil, you should not wait as the oil will be absorbed more efficiently into the layers of the skin with a little bit of water.

  1. Sunscreen – Mineral or Chemical? Mineral sunscreen contains zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide that is formulated to deflect UV rays. If you are already using natural skincare, it makes sense to use a natural mineral sunscreen as well. As this will be the thickest consistency, apply your mineral sunscreen as your last step.


 On the other hand, chemical sunscreen works by absorbing the UV rays and this follows that it works better when it is applied closest to skin, so chemical sunscreen first then moisturiser.

  1. Keep it simple

         I always encourage a simple routine. More is less. I use 3 products most       nights, a toner, moisturiser that works like a serum as it contains high content of “actives”. In our collection, we have created multi-purpose items and a facial oil to seal the moisture in.

There are days that I keep it real simple, so just a spritz of Rose Water Toner and apply a facial oil immediately. As our Facial oils are packed with a punch and with active oils like Rosehip seed and Seabuckthorn Berry CO2 to target anti-aging and cell renewal, Blue tansy and Juniper Berry essential oils to target anti-acne, it is fine to use only 2 products. You really need to try it for yourselves to see if this works as we all have different skins and there is really no ONE right way for beauty routine.

Keeping it simple also avoids our skin being overloaded with allergens which could then lead to skin sensitivities down the track. If you are currently layering more than 5 items, I encourage you to reconsider as I believe it is just overdoing and perhaps wasting your hard-earned money!! Remember, less is more especially when you are suing effective natural skincare like ours!!

Some definite ingredients you should NOT be layering together below:

  • Vitamin C with alphydroxy acids (AHAs) – this is due to AHAs changing the PH and stability of Vitamin C
  • Retinol with alphahydroxy acids (AHAs) or Vitamin C or benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid– These combinations can result in redness and irritations and dryness

This is one reason we do not formulate with Retinol.

 So , I hope this 3 step guide has helped. Remember to layer from thinnest (water-based products) to thickest consistency (high in oil content).

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