Eco-Luxe Skincare Consciously Created

We believe in creating our beautiful skincare collection with social and environmentally conscious intentions at every step of the way. 

From the ingredients used in our formulations and working conditions, to product packaging and the mailing materials we use to get them to you, we are committed to making ethical choices.

Sustainable Sourced Ingredients

Our ingredients are plant based and sustainably sourced. We ensure all our suppliers follow the same supply chain philosophy. 

Regulation control around “sustainable” palm oil can be questionable. If we’re not 100% certain about how an ingredient is sourced, we don’t include it in our products. For this reason, we don’t use palm oil or mica in our formulation. 

The promotion and respect of human rights is of the highest priority at all points along our supply chain. 

As such we don’t use mica as a colourant. Mica is an ingredient used in many cosmetic and beauty formulations to give a white ‘sparkly’ look.

The problem is, the majority of mica is sourced and produced in many socially and economically challenged regions of India. 

There is a high risk of child labour and unsafe working conditions in these areas and again, the regulation around the ‘sustainable’ production of mica isn’t clear. For this reason, we stay true to our philosophy and leave it out of our formulations. 

All the colours we use are naturally derived from plant ingredients. 

It is our mission to conduct our business in a legal, ethical manner. We’re committed to operating in ways that benefit our society and protect our environment instead of doing harm. 

Ethical Working Conditions

Helping stop the exploitation of children in dangerous and unhealthy working environments around the world is fundamental to us. 

We are committed to ensuring our organisation doesn’t take part in the exploitation of children in any working environments.

We won’t stand in the way of the health, schooling or free time of young children. No child under the age of 14 is involved at any stage in the supply chain for Coast Sydney Botanicals. 

When it comes to employing children who are older than 15, we’ll always follow the applicable local laws. As a general rule, these children can have a job, but they should never do work that jeopardizes their health and safety or affects their schooling and development. 

With this rule in mind, we may employ children older than 15 for light work such as labelling bottles, packing bottles, product video editing etc. 

They will not use any heavy or dangerous equipment, chemicals or vehicles when working. We’ll determine their work hours and wage based on applicable laws.

Eco-Friendly Packaging 

We use glass bottles to package our 20ml units for moisturisers, serums, and beauty oils. 

Larger units at 50ml for our Rose Toner are packaged in recyclable plastic (PET) to reduce the carbon foot-print. This is our only product in recyclable plastic. 

We believe glass is a more eco-friendly option simply because it is fully recyclable and can be repurposed without the environmental impact other unsustainable packaging options pose. 

We are aware that the glass is heavier to ship and as such has a higher carbon footprint when shipped. We strive to adopt a balanced approach in our packaging between glass and plastics.

Sustainable Shipping

We haven’t overlooked the last step of our product journey - we want our customers to receive their products in a sustainable way. 

To achieve this, we’re proud to have partnered with 2 eco-mailer companies: Better Packaging in NZ and Hero Packaging in Australia. 

Both companies offer various eco-friendly mailing products which is important depending on the size of the parcel. 

For smaller parcels, we use Hero Packaging and for heavier parcels, we use Better Packaging. Better Packaging also offers commercially compostable bubble envelopes which we use for international shipping for extra protection. 

We want to assure our customers that we have thoughtfully considered each aspect in the product life cycle and are committed to create a better world for now and for the future.

Looking ahead

Building on the current steps we’ve implemented towards social and environmental responsibility, we are also actively looking to align with a charitable organisation focused on the area of education for children and adults. 

We believe education changes lives and every person should have access to educational opportunities. If you are a foundation or organisation that may be a fit for Coast Sydney Botanicals, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us at