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The Scent, sooo good!

Nephelium 1 Renew Moisturiser

Thoroughly impressed with this! I love it very much. It smells divine and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. Highly recommend it.

Olga Reading

 Natural & Effective

Since using Nephelium Renew, I had compliments from friends who said my skin looks younger. 

I do apply it before sleep and the gentle jasmine scent takes me to Bali every time!

Definitely will be returning, thanks Coast Sydney for this great NATURAL serum!"

Linda Sidik

Fresh Waters Renew Oil

“I have a confession when I first purchased these products I didn’t have a lot of hope for them and wanted them, so I could compare this versus the Herbivore Botanicals oil serums. Now after using these serum oils for a good chunk of time I love them so much, the next morning my skin is so clear and healthy looking. I am seriously impressed each time I use it and can’t recommend these enough.”

Sophia Bingard

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