The Secrets of our Super French Plum Kernel Oil

The Secrets of our Super French Plum Kernel Oil

Have you heard of French Plum Seed Oil? It’s been one of plant-based skincare’s best-kept secrets but not for much longer! Chrissy Tigen raved about “magic” plum seed oil on Insta for her go-to glow boost and set the internet alight with searches for this incredible oil.


At Coast Sydney Botanicals, we adore Plum Seed Oil as much as Chrissy!


With Plum Love, we are the only brand in Australia that sells 100% Organic French Plum Seed Oil. We’ve been told Plum Love is the perfect dupe for the oil recommended by Chrissy.


In our formulations, we use the highest quality organic plum seed oil (Prunus Domestica Seed Oil) from Gascogne, France. This region is renowned for producing virgin plum oil that is moisturising, protective and full of antioxidants.


What are the benefits of plum seed oil for skin?


Let’s take a closer look at why plum seed oil is so incredible for skin. The key antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids in the oil include:


  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Provitamin B5
  • Oleic acid (60-80%)
  • Linoleic acid (15-25%).


High in antioxidants to fight signs of aging


Plum Oil has more Vitamin E (ytocopherol) than any other plant-based oil. A superstar antioxidant, Vitamin E helps protect the skin by neutralising free radical activity caused by exposure to UV light and pollution. This helps slow the signs of premature ageing wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, sagging. Not only does Vitamin E protect the skin, but it helps repair existing damage.


The high antioxidant concentration of Vitamin E also makes this oil very stable with a long natural shelf life.


Boosts moisture


Amazing for dry and ageing skin, plum oil is packed with omega fatty acids, including oleic acid (60-80%) and  linoleic acid (15-25%). These skin saving fatty acids make an excellent team for replenishing lost moisture and targeting dehydration for plumper, softer looking skin.


Oleic acid is extremely beneficial for dry skin while linoleic acid is more suitable for sensitive  acne prone skins.


For optimum results, a perfect formulation of oil blend will consist of the right balance of both linoleic and oleic acid. In our formulations, we combine Plum Oil with Jojoba Oils (higher in Linoleic acids) to achieve the perfect balance.


The Provitamin B5 (beta carotene) in Plum Oil also gets in on the moisture boosting action. It works as a humectant, helping draw moisture from the air to the skin’s surface.



Anti Inflammatory and barrier healing


Thanks to the high levels of Vitamin E  it contains, Plum Oil offers anti-inflammatory and healing benefits for sensitive skin and a damaged barrier.


Remember those omega fatty acids? Well, they help protect and strengthen the skin barrier too! Oleic acid in particular contains properties that reinforce the integrity of skin cells. Vitamin A and Provitamin B5 also have soothing properties for stressed skin and reducing redness.


Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores!)


Have acne-prone or combination skin with large pores?


Good news. You don’t need to miss out on the incredible benefits of Plum Oil! It’s a non-comedogenic oil that has a comfortable lightweight texture, absorbs rapidly and won’t aggravate acne prone skin or clog pores. No greasy residue here!

Plum Oil in the Coast Sydney Botanicals range


At Coast Sydney Botanicals, we use divine organic French Plum Seed Oil in these products:


PLUM LOVE: French Plum Seed Beauty Oil


“This oil is amazing and I can’t believe I had never heard of it before! It is lightweight and absorbs so quickly - my skin glows the morning after. It’s a great dupe for a very expensive and inaccessible oil that a certain Chrissy Teigen recently posted about on her Instagram. I have tried both oils and honestly can’t tell the difference so I’m over the moon!” Natash


FRESH WATERS (Renew Face Serum Oil) with Rosehip CO2 & Seabuckthorn


“In. Love. With. Freshwaters!!! I wake up with supple and hydrated skin that appears brighter and with a little ‘glow’...literally overnight magic for me!! Loved my sample so I bought 2 full sizes!!” Emy Nicholson.


For lovers of scent, Plum Oil has a beautiful natural scent of rich almond marzipan!

We believe that our products have a special edge due to our French organic plum oil that is superbly moisturising, with the ability to reverse anti aging signs and smells amazing as well!






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