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We sell more than skincare and perfume products. We sell confidence – supported by nature.

At Coast Sydney Botanicals we infuse each of our perfumes with beauty found deep in the natural world; forests, fields, water, even cities.

We create scents that evoke the senses, manifesting memories and nurturing anticipation.

We have journeyed the world to capture fragrances which reflect distinct native elements from their country of origin.

The Coast Sydney Botanicals True Collection Natural Perfumes include five such experiences.

Bali: The unique champaka fragrance that permeates the island has inspired this pretty fragrance with deeply spiritual and mystical undertones.

Nice: With its tuberose touch, this fragrance represents cosmopolitan at its best. It’s light enough to wear daily with just enough lingering scent to have people turn with a smile when you walk by.

Petra: Featuring rose noir in all its ethnic and mysterious splendour. Is there anything more feminine than this scent? We don’t think so.

Noumea: Be instantly transported to the wild pacific through jasmine paradise sensations. Feel the earth under your feet, the drum of your heart, the glow of your skin.

Cassis: Fruity overtones of blackcurrant, hints of florals with jonquil and carnation. Inspired by the French town, this pretty, classically fresh scent is not only romantic, but full of life. It makes you feel like sunshine, and with its hint of tropical guava, has you imagining sweeter days.

Our True Collection Natural Perfumes will complement your already natural beauty, conveniently packaged in pocket-sized goodness.