The problem begins when your oil glands make too much oil inside the pores. This excess oil mixes with dead skin cells and gets trapped in the pores, forming a clog which eventually stretches out the pores and makes them look bigger. And when this accumulated oil clog is exposed to air, it oxidizes, creating blackheads.

So exfoliating regularly is the key to preventing your pores from becoming clogged (and bigger!). Try our new BHA Dream, multi function- acts as  mask and exfoliator.

In addition to that, we recommend a simple routine starting off with our Tangerine Love face oil cleanser themed with our reusable cotton face pad to remove dirt effectively. Then spritz with a Rose toner, then try our Simply Detox serum with contains witch hazel ( a natural salicylic acid), our award winning bestseller serum! Finish with a light face oil or moisturiser. 

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