The skin transforming benefits of clay

The skin transforming benefits of clay

Clay has been hailed as the ultimate skin detoxifier for centuries. The list of healing and rejuvenating benefits from using clay is pretty impressive; it’s particularly famous for working wonders on acne and oily skin prone to breakouts.


Even if you’re not plagued by breakouts (lucky you!) the rich minerals and beneficial acids found in clays are great for other skin types too. Happy skin results from using clays include detoxification, tightening, toning, cleansing, shrinking pores, soothing sensitive skin and hydration.


Earthy, naturally-occurring elements rich in minerals, clays come from sources including rocks, volcanic ash and soil. The mineral composition of each clay is different and if you’ve never experimented with clay in your skin care routine, it’s time to get some in your life! Take your pick of a few different types of clay; each with its own special skin-purifying benefit.


French Pink Clay is the perfect pick for sensitive skin types because it’s super gentle; mostly used for its skin brightening and softening benefits, rather than the deep detoxifying properties of the other clays. Rich in trace elements, including iron and calcite, French Pink Clay is calming and anti-inflammatory for red, irritated complexions. With a hit of hydration, it won’t over-dry skin, instead leaving it beautifully moisturised.


Highly absorbent French Green Clay makes a great mask for anyone tackling oily skin; it’s absorbent properties really suck up excess oil while tightening pores at the same time. Of all the clays, French clay packs the most punch when it comes to minerals. Containing healing properties like magnesium, calcium, potassium, silica, silicon and selenium it decreases inflammation, acne and boosts overall skin health.


Bentonite Clay is a popular clay known for its serious skin detoxifying properties. When it comes in contact with water, the clay produces a  negative electric charge; this charge pulls the toxins from the skin and absorbs them into the clay. When the clay is washed from your skin, so are the toxins. Hellooooo clear, healthy skin.


Bentonite is also excellent for controlling the overproduction of sebum (the oil excreted through your pores) making it an ideal choice if you’re the type prone to acne and breakouts. The clay also reduces the look of scars and fades blemishes.


Red, exotic sounding Ghassoul Clay (or Rhassoul) is mined in Morocco and isn’t just great for skin (oily skin especially) but also hair. For centuries, the women of Morocco have used this clay as a hair shampoo to enhance their hair’s volume, add soften and eliminate dandruff. Check out our new Green Ghassoul, with spirulina and peony root extract.Green Ghassoul 


On your face, Rhassoul Clay has the negatively charged superpower too, literally pulling the toxins right out of your skin - such as free radicals, heavy metals, even chemicals. It also does a stellar job as an exfoliant when mixed with other ingredients like sugar, oats or salts. It polishing away flaky, dead skin, keeping your complexion smooth and stunningly soft.


Ready to get your clay on? After letting you mask work it’s magic, follow up with your usual skin care routine which should include a cleanser followed by a moisturiser




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