What's Nephelium Lappaceum extract and Anti-Glycation in SkinCare

What's Nephelium Lappaceum extract and Anti-Glycation in SkinCare

Introducing our very NEW NEPHELIUM COLLECTION, that boast a unique and exotic active nutrient, obtained via a new technology of Subcritical Water Extraction (SWEX), carried out by a French laboratory.

Nephelium is an effective anti-wrinkle face serum that acts as a moisturiser that nourishes your skin with anti-oxidants and anti-glycation nutrients. This extract has been clinically tested to reduce fine lines, smooth skin, skin tightened after 28 days of use at 2% concentration.

Nephelium lappaceum or otherwise known as Rambutan Seed Peel extract. Rambutan fruit is grown in South East Asia with a red hairy like shell, with luscious white flesh as the fruit that encases an oval seed with a white peel around it. It is this white peel that is highly rich in nutrients. Our Founder, Wei Tham, while growing up in Malaysia, has grown up eating this sweet fruit as a child, without knowing its rich potency in skin nutrients. With the advancement of research and technology, what once was a fruit is now hailed as an innovative new cosmetic nutrient that shows promising results on reducing crows feet, fine lines and smoother skin. This extract is rich in ellagitannin (geraniim), an anti-cancer component and a super anti-oxidant that will reduce skin damage.

Our skin ages through diet induced aging. Consumption of high sugar intake may speed up skin damage through process called glycation when the sugar molecules interact with fats and protein to produce harmful molecules called Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). So this is where Nephelium stands out as it can also target glycation = anti-glycation hero!

What is SWEX?

SWEX stands for Subcritical Water Extraction and is a new green technology used to extract plant nutrients for cosmetic use.

 At CSB, we believe in Nephelium Lappaceum (Rambutan Seed Peel extract) which has been specially extracted via SWEX by a French laboratory. This extract is a proven extract that is a super anti-oxidant and has high amounts of ellagitannin, known to be an anti- cancer agent.

Benefits of SWEX compared to conventional extraction

This extraction method yields purer and stronger extracts, richer in its active ingredients. The process is also highly efficient compared to conventional extractions with its very short extraction times at very high temperature but at a fraction of time as normally required in other methods. Very low energy consumption, which makes this eco-friendly.

As this method does not require solvent materials, this is a green technology, requiring no disposal of used solvent. Without solvent, there is no risk of contamination, producing purer extracts, safer for your skin. Pure and simple.

Poorly soluble actives can also be extracted efficiently using this method, whereas not possible in conventional methods.

All in all, SWEX is a far superior method for extracting actives from botanicals and we are proud to be using Nephelium Lappaceum extract. Get healthy youthful looking skin.







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