We are based in Sydney, Australia and we source the best active botanicals from all over the world to carefully craft our products, with love and attention to detail. Many of those ingredients, like our French Plum Oil (a winner!), cannot be sourced from anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our founder, Wei Tham, founded Coast Sydney Botanicals in 2016 as a boutique artisan perfumer, and botanical Skincare creator. In her quest of the “Fountain of Youth” Wei was sceptical of some of the so-called “natural” products out there, where marketing pitches fail to deliver on the actual contents of the formula.

Having done her own research for more natural Skincare treatment, she got rid of a stubborn dermatitis within a couple of weeks by using pure high quality Rosehip Seed Oil. This represented a huge turning point for her, coming to the realization that using the right oils could truly help her skin, and that only the highest quality and purest forms of oils would actually work.

This inspiration has grown into our drive to offer true products, using the purest, highest quality oils and active ingredients.  You will find many of our products contain an avant-garde type of oil, extracted via the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide method (CO2 extraction). We chose this because it is the lowest temperature extraction method performed in a vacuum process that eliminates oxidation and yields purer, more concentrated & effective nutrients for the skin.

Formulating my own products gives me complete and total control over the purity and quality of my products.  And creating these products in beautiful Sydney seems to add a little something to the mix. Along with my beautiful daughters and supportive husband, I am committed to spreading the truth about the amazing restorative and healing powers of Botanical Skincare and Natural Perfumery.” - Wei Tham, founder of Coast Sydney Botanicals.