Have you heard for plum kernel oil? I bet you haven't as it's one of the best kept secret in skincare to date. But not for long.

At Coast Sydney Botanicals, we use the best quality organic plum seed oil (Prunus Domestica Seed Oil) from Gascogne, France,renowned for producing virgin plum oil that is moisturising, protective and full of antioxidants. Organic and Natural!

Plum oil stands out from the other plant based oils as it contains the highest amount of Vitamin E (ytocopherol) and rich in oleic acid (60-80%), linoleic acid(15-25%), Vitamin B, pro vitamin B5(beta carotene). As a result, the oil is very stable due to high concentration of vitamin E which acts an antioxidant, which can prolong the shelf life of this oil.

Now let's get down to some serious facts here. If you have not tried applying oils on your face as you fear you may break out in acne, then rest assured that all you need to know is to understand your skin type and what type of oils are in the product.

There are 2 types of oils, driven by the quantities of oleic acid and linoleic acid. Oleic acid makes the oils richer and heavier and will seal in the moisture very efficiently, thereby making your skin smooth and hydrated. Oleic acid is suitable for dry skins.

Linoleic acid, on the other hand, is more suitable for sensitive  acne prone skins. For optimum results, a perfect formulation of oil blend will need to consist of a balance of both  types of oils.

At Coast Sydney Botanicals, we use Plum oils in 2 of our face serums , in combination with Jojoba Oils (higher in Linoleic acids):

  • FRESH WATERS (Renew Face Serum Oil)  with Rosehip CO2 & Seabuckthorn
  • WHITE SANDS (Brighten Face Serum) with Bearberry & Hibiscus

Plum oil rapidly absorbs into your skin with no greasy residue, creating a nourished, smooth skin.

For lovers of scent, this oil is a great bonus as it has a natural scent of rich almond marzipan!

We believe that our products have a special edge due to our French organic plum oil that is superbly moisturising, with ability to reverse anti aging signs and smells amazing as well!



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