At Coast Sydney Botanicals, we like to keep things a little simple and have created a simple table guide to help you work out which oils are suited to your skin type. Naming just a few of our favourite oils.The right oils which are high in essential fatty acids (EFA) and fatty acids can leave your complexion glowing.

Let's start with the basics of our skin. Human sebum mostly consists of triglycerides and fatty acids. All oils contain natural substances with high concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. It is the different levels of fatty acids _linoleic/oleic acids combinations which will determine which oils are suited for your skin.

So let's breakdown essential fatty acids and understand what they consist of. There are two basic types of EFAs—omega-6 fatty acids (Linoleic acids) and omega-3 fatty acids (alpha-linoleic), and we need them both. They are essential as our bodies cannot produce them ,which means we need to get it from other sources either orally or topically.

Another important fatty acid is Oleic Acid (Omega-9). Oleic acid makes the oil richer and more moisturising. It also penetrates skin easily which moisturizes well when used in small quantities and cures inflammation.

For acne prone/ oily skins, you will need oils which are higher in linoleic acids. Oily skin types already have oleic acids i greater proportion and hence,  you will need to rebalance your deficiency in linoleic acids by applying topically a facial oil higher in Linoleic acids. Some examples are Grapeseed Oils, Maracuja (Passion Fruit Seed Oil), Rosehip and Evening Primrose Oils. One of our favourites is Maracuja Oil which boasts of high Vitamin C, a natural skin brightener and is super nourishing!


For dry skin, you will need oils which are higher in oleic acids. Some examples are Avocado, French Plum Kernel seed oil, Hazelnut and Camellia oil. Our very own favourite is French Plum Oil as it has the added advantage of Omega 7(palmitoleic acid), which is a rare ingredient in other oils, which will give you radiant glowing complexion.


For balanced skin, you will need oils which have balanced levels of oleic and linoleic acids. Some examples are Jojoba, Tamanu, Seabuckthorn and Argan Oil.

So add a facial oil to your beauty routine and you will notice the beautiful difference!





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