Why we use SCO2 oils

Why we use SCO2 oils

Not everything is created equal. Not all Rosehip Oils are created equally. With that comes difference in purity and quality and hence effectiveness of the oils on your skin.

Let's cut to the chase. Most of us have heard of cold pressed oil. It's the buzz word for now, from juices to botanical oils. Everything is "cold " pressed. Not your everyday understanding of cold as in below say 20 degrees Celsius.The cold pressed method uses stainless steel expellers (horizontally plates) where the raw ingredients are pressed until the oils/ juice are extracted from it. This pressing action causes friction that creates heat ranging from 40 to 49 degrees Celsius. Not quite "cold", right? In this temperature, some of the nutrients are destroyed. As there is oxygen in this process, some of the nutrients are further compromised via oxidization.

SCO2 stands for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide. This is the newest method to extract oils and uses supercritical carbon dioxide, in a fluid state, that passes through the active ingredients, extracting it. This is carried out at about 30 degrees Celsius and in a vaccum with no oxygen. The result is purest oil with the highest quality of nutrients still intact.


Our Fresh Waters Renew Oil is made using SCO2 of Rosehip Seed and Seabuckthorn Berry Oils. The deep orange colour is a testament of its richness in nutrients, carotenoids-antioxidants, where they play an important role in protecting skin cells  against harmful effects of light and air.


So the next time you consider buying a Rosehip Oil, all you need to do is consider it's colour! If it's clear, it's been refined. If it's yellowish, it's cold pressed. If it's orange, that's SCO2!


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