About Us

We believe in keeping promises.

Which is why in everything we do we keep in mind why we started Coast Sydney Botanicals in the first place.

Our founder, Wei, is a truth teller.

She is also an accidental ethically sourced skincare expert. In fact, she started out with a career in finance and happened upon a gap in the high-quality skincare market while questioning the ‘natural’ claims of many pricey skincare products available at the time. Armed with a no BS attitude in her approach and also after experiencing a quick "cure" of her own dermatitis after experimenting with a high potency Rosehip Seed Oil from CO2 extraction method, she realised that using the right ingredients mattered a whole lot. A mother of young women with the desire to create a purpose-driven business, she launched Coast Sydney Botanicals, an online go to skincare store - after extensive research – in 2016. 

Sourced from all over the world, and brought together in the heart of Australia

Botanicals, oils, formulations, ingredients, plant extracts, and herbs are carefully and considerately combined to create an ethically sourced skincare range that is toxin-free and completely vegan.

Each formula is handcrafted right here in Sydney with love, and attention to detail.

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We know real beauty comes from inner confidence

Another reason why keeping our word is so important to us. You can trust that we work to ensure each formulation will nourish your skin, respect your equilibrium, and make you smile from the inside.


Respecting balance is essential to true sustainability. We know you can’t always spare hours for your skincare regime, which is why we offer multi-purpose products that honours your time. We know you love the feeling scent gives, but don’t want to be overwhelmed with synthetic perfumes. Which is why we create divine essential oil perfume blends.



Our customers inject sheer joy into our business experience with their positivity and satisfied feedback. In fact, they’ve made us absolutely spoilt for love and hungry for more happy customers. It may be a little old-fashioned, but we truly believe that the joy we feel hand-crafting our products is released upon opening when it arrives at its intended destination. Joy shared. It’s a magic thing.



Every time you purchase one of our products – whether it be a bottle of our ethically sourced skincare, bursting with pure botanicals and pure oils or a one of our boutique, artisan perfumes – we keep the promises we make. This transparency supports what we believe in, what drives our ethos, and our ever-respectful search for the best botanicals in the world. 

See what our customers are saying:

Based on 260 reviews

Very good.

balancing and moisturizing

The simply detox serum has a good texture which fits combined skin type. Use when the toner is still absorbing and mix the serum.with oil gives you surprise!

Great service and beautiful products

My daughter and I really enjoy using the products on our skin
I miss ordered and for free was sent the product I wanted such great reliable service th and you

My Fave

Absolutely love this oil! It is amazing as a primer under make up as well as a beautiful smelling and silky feeling product for day or night use!

Face oil

Love this oil on my skin



Smells like red star bursts. Love, Love, Love!

Smells amazing!

Love the way it brightens up my skin.


Love how soft and gentle the oils are. 😊


Quite good

love it!!

This is my second bottle and i love, love it!!!!

Simple but multitasking

Grape seed oil on my skin quite hydrating rather than drying oils that sinks in too fast. Therefore a little last a long time. I actually have dry skin and just wanna try something blue tansy but it works for dry skin as well. The essential oil blend is refreshing and sometimes I use it for inhaling, massage on ears, hands etc. I also add few drops in my body lotion! S

Good content

I bought it for its ingredient list. And I always love niacinamide in my routine and is curious to take a natural approach to carry it. Fluid texture: smart to make an oil based moisturizer into a lightweight lotion. I love that it’s thin but powerful. The only complaint is the packaging: my pump is quite defective and basically shoot the lotion out of the bottle.

Beautiful fragrance

Quick delivery time. Beautiful delicate fragrance.


I cannot begin to tell you how much my skin has improved since using super duo detox and reborn, my skin was always dry and peeling especially around the nose area, but l don't have that problem anymore. I highly recommend these products😀

The best.

I’m ordering my 4th time ❤️


NEPHELIUM STRENGTHEN 2 Soothing Balancing Moisturiser

Prickly pear oil

Beautiful product

Excellent nutrient for the skin

Love it. Feel it gives my face the boost thst it needs. I'll continue to use this!

Great on my stretch marks

I have been using this oil mainly on some stretch marks I have on my belly from being pregnant. I have noticed a significant difference in the prominence of the stretch marks. They have definitely reduced in size. I also have been using a couple of drops through the ends of hair which leaves it smelling devine.

Light and refreshing

I use this cream as an all over moisturiser for my face and neck of a morning and use it under my eyes of a night. The texture of this cream is wonderful. It feels light and refreshing on.

Smells Ahh mazing

I have been using this oil for a while now, and the smell of it was the first thing that caught my attention. It smells so beautiful. It probably has to be one of my most favourite oils just because of the smell. But more importantly, it's done amazing things to some scars I have on my face. It's greatly improved the texture of my skin and it feels wonderful on, nice and light.

Glowy glowy skin!!!

I recently purchased a bottle of the NEPHELIUM RENEW 1 Skin Radiance Booster, paired with the skin detox serum my skin is super hydrated, glowy and smoother than ever.
I regularly use the pink clay mask and orris love exfoliator also and now with this radiance booster for day time I feel my skin has become more supple and hydrated, smoothing out my finer lines. The smell is very unique and reminds me of a fancy day spa somewhere in the tropics! Love love love!


I have extremely dry, sun damaged skin and the duo of Reborn and Detox serums make such a huge difference! My skin is plump, glowing and beautifully hydrated like never before. Dry, scaly patches have decreased significantly, I can’t stress how much these products have improved my skin.
I use the Tangerine oil to cleanse as well, equally good, deep clean but so gentle and not oily at all! Love this range 😊