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About Us

We believe in keeping promises.

Which is why in everything we do we keep in mind why we started Coast Sydney Botanicals in the first place.

Our founder, Wei, is a truth teller.

She is also an accidental ethically sourced skincare expert. In fact, she started out with a career in finance and happened upon a gap in the high-quality skincare market while questioning the ‘natural’ claims of many pricey skincare products available at the time. Armed with a no BS attitude in her approach and also after experiencing a quick "cure" of her own dermatitis after experimenting with a high potency Rosehip Seed Oil from CO2 extraction method, she realised that using the right ingredients mattered a whole lot. A mother of young women with the desire to create a purpose-driven business, she launched Coast Sydney Botanicals, an online go to skincare store - after extensive research – in 2016. 

Sourced from all over the world, and brought together in the heart of Australia

Botanicals, oils, formulations, ingredients, plant extracts, and herbs are carefully and considerately combined to create an ethically sourced skincare range that is toxin-free and completely vegan.

Each formula is handcrafted right here in Sydney with love, and attention to detail.

Ready to experience the purity that is Coast Sydney Botanicals? Take a browse through our gorgeous products here

We know real beauty comes from inner confidence

Another reason why keeping our word is so important to us. You can trust that we work to ensure each formulation will nourish your skin, respect your equilibrium, and make you smile from the inside.


Respecting balance is essential to true sustainability. We know you can’t always spare hours for your skincare regime, which is why we offer multi-purpose products that honours your time. We know you love the feeling scent gives, but don’t want to be overwhelmed with synthetic perfumes. Which is why we create divine essential oil perfume blends.



Our customers inject sheer joy into our business experience with their positivity and satisfied feedback. In fact, they’ve made us absolutely spoilt for love and hungry for more happy customers. It may be a little old-fashioned, but we truly believe that the joy we feel hand-crafting our products is released upon opening when it arrives at its intended destination. Joy shared. It’s a magic thing.



Every time you purchase one of our products – whether it be a bottle of our ethically sourced skincare, bursting with pure botanicals and pure oils or a one of our boutique, artisan perfumes – we keep the promises we make. This transparency supports what we believe in, what drives our ethos, and our ever-respectful search for the best botanicals in the world. 

See what our customers are saying:

Based on 230 reviews
Tangerine Love Cleansing Oil

I have very dry skin and have always used cream cleanser which leave my skin drier. The cleansing oil gets rid of dirt and makeup and leaves my skin very hydrated.

A walk in ancient valley of roses

This perfume is everything that is promised and more. Made only with natural ingredients and packed in roller ball vial, this product is easy to use and carry around. I can't love this fragrance enough - it's so soothing and everytime I use it, it just makes me think of ancient world - like I'm getting to enjoy a whiff and essence of it. It's not like dewy or overly sweet kind rose fragrance but with a bit of woody touch -more like meditation in a rose garden.

Fabulous fruity concoction

With fruity sweet fragrance and liquid jelly kind of texture this serum seems like innocent and fun stuff - but when it gets absorbed it's nothing sort of a warrior. Although it's water based - which means easy absorption - this stuff is also very hydration and somewhat moisturizing as well. No tingly feeling or any uncomfortable sensetion I have experienced but my skin started getting visibly more clear and glowy within couple of weeks of using this serum regularly. I mostly use it with my night time routine so my skin can get most benefits from it.

Rich, creamy and so soothing

This cream is a thick beautiful treat for skin - specially during dry days. I just love how easily it gets absorbed and makes my skin feel well moisturized. Also can't love the texture enough - so light and fluffy like whipped mousse. The fragrance is quite natural and soothing just like the effect of this product. A really gentle but effective treatment.

My favourite

This is my only, and favourite perfume. Lovely jasmine cross frangipani smell, it’s so natural smelling and reminds me of being on holidays.

The detox serum

This serum is amazing in summer time. It provides adequate hydration and balances my skin well! Love it^^


This product i LOVE. It smells like a literal rose. like you’re smelling it straight from the bush. AND it is no joke when they mark it as a toner. The colouration on my skin evens out almost instantly, the redness practically disappears. It is now among my swear by products!!


My skin has never been healthier. It looks radiant, it looks clean. My acne has cleared and my dark spots have lightened. Adding this product to my routine has helped me remove 4 alternative skin care products produced from other brands. Not only replacing them, this product is out running them! I cannot thank you enough!!!

I can feel this oil seeping into the cracks of my dessert ravaged skin as I live in the Tanami dessert of the Northern Territory- beautiful!

40 and worried about wrinkles

I recently turned 40 and of course the “w” word creeps up on you. Wrinkles are definitely a concern now as well as skin hydration. I recently listened to a podcast about the products we use on our face and the content in these products, so I started looking for something I could trust that didn’t contain water and a mixture of chemicals. My oils from Coast have changed they way I fulfill my daily beauty routine and my skin is now glowing and feeling really well hydrated. I use them both morning and night, under my makeup and they soak in nicely on my makeup free days as well. Thanks Coast for providing a clean and beautiful product full of natural ingredients.

My skin looks amazing

I’m thoroughly impressed with the results of Coast Sydney Botanicals Organic Rose Water and Witch Hazel Toner Mist! My face feels refreshed and glowing after! Love it!

Smells divine

I love using oils on my face & body now, gone are the days of worry it would be greasy/ this oil is amazing & smells sensational ! Love it

Beautiful Body Oil

A truly beautiful oil that nourishes and hydrates my skin. It has a sweet scent with floral undertones and is not at all overpowering. The addition of roses inside each bottle is just stunning. A perfect addition to my self care routine.

My skin is glowing!!

I can not recommend these gorgeous products enough!! My skin was feeling so dry from the cold winter days. It now feels so hydrated and moisturised. Thankyou xx

Such an amazing serum

This is such a quality product and is the best serum! Highly recommend

True Natural Perfume

After purchasing the sample set of perfumes, I found that I really loved all of them. I decided to puchase a full bottle of each (a very rare thing for me to do) and I simply adore them. My favourite is Nice, so I'm going through that the fastest but I love the option of changing perfumes depending upon my mood, or even the weather. I tend to typically go for alcohol based naturals but these oil based formulations are gorgeous, feel so luxurious and have excellent longevity. I would highly recommend these! Thanks for all of the obvious care taken to create these beautiful, affordable scents. 🙂

Obsessed with rose toner mist

When I made my first small purchase from the store, I got a gift bottle of rose tonic. OMG I felt in love so fast. This thing is absolutely must have for summer. I got 2 more, one for my bathroom and one two keep in my purse, and as soon as I got them I regretted for not ordering more. I
Love this product! my face is clean and super hydrated. Thank you 🙏🏻

Loving this toner

This toner has been great on my skin, really helps me to keep my T-zone in check! Highly recommend trying it out.

Love the Simply Detox Serum Gel

It's exactly what the skin's need to feel fresh, smoother and glowing specially after a long day out from pollution, makeup and bacteria.

Absolutely love it

So happy with these products. I love how beautiful and hydrating they are and they smell divine!

Beautiful product

Such a lovely product, so easy to add to your beauty routine and my skin is thanking me for it

Lovely product

I love the fresh scent of this toner. So luxurious to apply

Amazing Products!

I was so thrilled to try out the Rose Toner Mist & Fresh Waters Renew Face Serum Oil. I have quite sensitive skin & these have been such a dream for me, no irritation & my skin is happy & hydrated. Really interested in trying out more products!

Rose toner and detox serum

I found the toner a bit strong ( rose smell) and the serum was good:)


I am very happy with this product and I have added it to my regular routine! It is easy to use and I love how my skin feels, thanks so much