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About Us

We believe in keeping promises.

Which is why in everything we do we keep in mind why we started Coast Sydney Botanicals in the first place.

Our founder, Wei, is a truth teller.

She is also an accidental ethically sourced skincare expert. In fact, she started out with a career in finance and happened upon a gap in the high-quality skincare market while questioning the ‘natural’ claims of many pricey skincare products available at the time. Armed with a no BS attitude in her approach and also after experiencing a quick "cure" of her own dermatitis after experimenting with a high potency Rosehip Seed Oil from CO2 extraction method, she realised that using the right ingredients mattered a whole lot. A mother of young women with the desire to create a purpose-driven business, she launched Coast Sydney Botanicals, an online go to skincare store - after extensive research – in 2016. 

Sourced from all over the world, and brought together in the heart of Australia

Botanicals, oils, formulations, ingredients, plant extracts, and herbs are carefully and considerately combined to create an ethically sourced skincare range that is toxin-free and completely vegan.

Each formula is handcrafted right here in Sydney with love, and attention to detail.

Ready to experience the purity that is Coast Sydney Botanicals? Take a browse through our gorgeous products here

We know real beauty comes from inner confidence

Another reason why keeping our word is so important to us. You can trust that we work to ensure each formulation will nourish your skin, respect your equilibrium, and make you smile from the inside.


Respecting balance is essential to true sustainability. We know you can’t always spare hours for your skincare regime, which is why we offer multi-purpose products that honours your time. We know you love the feeling scent gives, but don’t want to be overwhelmed with synthetic perfumes. Which is why we create divine essential oil perfume blends.



Our customers inject sheer joy into our business experience with their positivity and satisfied feedback. In fact, they’ve made us absolutely spoilt for love and hungry for more happy customers. It may be a little old-fashioned, but we truly believe that the joy we feel hand-crafting our products is released upon opening when it arrives at its intended destination. Joy shared. It’s a magic thing.



Every time you purchase one of our products – whether it be a bottle of our ethically sourced skincare, bursting with pure botanicals and pure oils or a one of our boutique, artisan perfumes – we keep the promises we make. This transparency supports what we believe in, what drives our ethos, and our ever-respectful search for the best botanicals in the world. 

See what our customers are saying:

Based on 191 reviews


Great face cloth

I have 2 of these now. They're all I use to clean my face. They're very gentle to use.

Very gentle

I use the Orris Love face exfoliator once a week. Its a lovely, gentle exfoliator and it's great for sensitive skin.

Favourite product

Fresh Waters has got to be my most favourite product from Coast Sydney Botanicals. I use it in my everyday routine. I will always continue to buy this oil.

Glowing skin

I have been using this moisturiser for a couple of weeks and I love what it has done to my skin. It's given my skin a glowy, brighter look. I will keep purchasing this product and will recommend it to others

Love your products!

I was surprised to find a gift in my order, rose toner mist . I never use tonic as it dries my skin.
But this turned into true love! I like cream as well the only thing bothers me a little bit is a dispenser. It is uncontrollable, often making a mess as it spits cream all over the place, but I really like the cream formula, it is so light and moisturizing.

Hi there, thanks for your feedback. We will look into the dispenser issue with my supplier. It should not be doing that. Meanwhile, if you dispense into your palm , it should help alleviate issue. So sorry about the dispenser. Thanks for the overall positive support.
Reborn and Super Duo Duplex minnies

My skin has plumped up, feels and looks silky smooth. My partner even has said "bloody hell your skin looks good" mind you he didnt notice when I took 9 inches off my hair! Now that's saying something! Thank you Coast Sydney Botanicals xx

Oh that’s just too funny!lso glad you found them suitable. Thanks for your super positive feedback xx
Minies are the best

I love the minies to try new products and for travel!! My skin is glowing and so soft, I’m yet to come across a product I don’t love!

Absolutely Beautiful

This is one of the most beautiful products I have purchased. I am so lucky to have received a sample in my "Because You Matter" Gift Box Set & I will definitely be recommending & re-purchasing these products. They feel & smell devine. Well worth the purchase.

Organic rose water and witch hazel mist toner

I just love these products, the rose water oil is so moisturising and a little sure goes a long way. The most toner smells amazing and is really refreshing

Love it!

After one month of using this product I noticed a definite improvement in my skin. It smells beautiful, feels beautiful and love that it is all natural! Will definitely be buying again.

Love it!

I use this serum daily, morning and night. It makes my skin feel soft and dewy and has helped balance my skin. I will continue to use this serum in my daily routine.


I've been using the pink clay mask once a week since purchasing. After each use my skin feels soft and glowing. I will continue to keep this mask as part of my weekly routine

Thank you loved the oils especially the Noumea great sizes to put in your travel bag.

Will purchase again and loved the packaging and how it came in the mail. Very thoughtful and loved the small gifts to try as well.


Love this serum. It's works wonderfully for my oily skin. It's very light and absorbs well. I could see the difference straight away, my skin felt brighter and moisturised!

Amazing serum!

Serum is so light and perfect for my oily skin!

Smells divine!

The Clear Skies face oil smells amazing. All the products I have tried so far (and I have quite a pretty little collection now) are absolute perfection and this oil is no exception.

Love this set!

Amazing products! Love stocking up on my cleansing oil and have a new fave with the face serum

Fresh water renew face serum oil

Beautiful ! My skin feels so soft . I will certainly buy this product again.



Lovely little perfume. Noumea is sweet, floral and dark at the same time. I also have Bali and Petra, using each one during different seasons. I love them all!

Still have not tried your producta

Hello I am waiting for my photo shoot before I start using your products. We want the products to look new.
I look forward to trying them and will let you know how I feel about them
Many thanks again
Then Lemon Room

Love love love!!

I absolutely love these products!

Light and refreshing

I have been using the Rose water & witch hazel toner mist for about 2 weeks. I love the scent of this mist and the light refreshing feel it gives. Like all the products I've used from Coast Sydney Botanicals so far, they have made an impressive difference to my eczema prone skin. I will continue to support this beautiful business